“Great news, everyone!”

Cagedthe mysterious thriller the non-graphic novel community has been waiting for–is finally here! A rebel soldier, a recently reformed prostitute, a gamer, and a one-plus are locked in a cage by unknown forces for an unknown purpose. Tune in every Monday to catch the next four installments and watch the story unfold.

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Also good news: If you’re a fan of the hard fantasy genre and/or the pre-apocalyptic land of Sharprighturn, you’ll be happy to know that ElfshanxComix has been in talks with the authors of Say Human. All indications point to an early fall debut! Rejoin the lives of Cy, Aorana, and Jasinor, eight years after the Ocean Rover War broke out and forever changed the fate of Emden, Sharprighturn.

Rating: To be safe, all of ElfshanxComix’s posts are rated “R” for occasional language, violence, and some sexual content, and “Arrrgh” because we’re now part of the River Pirate Alliance. Click on the appropriate tab at the top to read the non-graphic novels your legal guardian warned you about.

About Us:

ElfshanxComix was acquired by The River Pirate Alliance in 2009 during a particularly spicy hand of poker. We specialize in non-graphic novels for people who love comic books, but hate the hassle of all those pretty pictures.  Our premier project was the first volume of SINES: Snappy, Intriguing, and Not Entirely Stolen–a story set in the near future on an alternate timeline of Earth when humans without the mutant gene have died out. Depending on who you ask, we’ve grown up a lot since then.